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Migration: the movement from one place to another.

Emigration: the movement out of a place.

Imigration: the movement into a place.

Refugee: some one who has been forced to move from their home.

Push factors: bad things about where you live that make you want to move.

Pull factors: good things about where you are going that make you want to go there.

Asylum seeker: someone who trys to get into a country leagaly and tries to get asylum.

forced migration: where people are forced to leave their home with out any choice and can't go back.

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Push and pull factors

Push factors:

Average unemployment in Poland of 18.5% but rural  unemployment is some areas of Poland was over 40%. GDP in Poland was only $12,700 per person.

Pull factors:

Because they are in the EU than can move to any other country in the EU. It is cheap to get there. The GPD is higher in the UK. The UK need unskilled workers. the UK has a low unenplyment rate.people want to experience life abroad. Uk money is worth more money the the polish money so they could get lots more money for their family.

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Impacts of migration on US and Mexico

USA impacts:

It costs them millions of dollars to for the border patrols and prisons. Mexican trations have affect the states that border Mexico. wages are kept low. The econimy is helped by the low wages wich are caused by the migrants. The population becomes younger. Migrants often do the work that Americans don't want to do.

Mexican impacts:

There is sometimes a shortage in economically active people. $6 billion is sent back to Mexico. Women struggled to find partners so not as many children are being born. The population becomes older.

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causes of migration

Migration can be caused by:

War, Natural disasters and persicution (for religion or politics)

Not enough money, better jobs and more housing

they want to experience life abroad, they have family there and they do not like where they where.


population can go down in the place they have com from and up in where they are going.

population can get older in the place they have com from and younger in where they are going.

the econimy is no helped in the place they have com from and the econimy is helped in where they are going.

traditions change in the places they are going to.

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