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What is in MIDI data?
-Transmits commands, NOT audio signals
-Provids info bout events, such as:
-Note on, note off, pitch bend, sustain pedal etc
Bin data just like computer
-2 numerical values 1 and 0 (on and off)

Why was it created?
-large no' of musical instrument manufactrs together for 1st time
- answer to frustration of having mre thn 1 musical interface & format (music creation, sharing and collaboration hard)
-1985 almost every keyboard type instrument had a MIDI interface

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What is a MIDI message?

- A MIDI message: bytes combined together 2 create a command

- 2 types  MIDI message, channel and system.

- Chan messages related 2 performance of MIDI info

- Syst messages deal with system . Not sent through channels

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