Microorganisms and food

Microorganisms are used while making lots of foods. Sometimes the microbial product is eaten but sometimes its just used to help make food. 

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ENZYMES- such as invertase are used in the manufacture of sweets and other foods.

 Invertase converts the sucrose into glucose and fructose which tastes sweeter. This means that less sugar is needed for the same sweetness- meaning manufactures can save money and produce lower-calorie foods.

Invertase is naturally produced  by a yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

CHYMOSIN- Cheese is made using a substance called rennet.

Rennet is traditionally obtained from the lining of a calfs stomach and contains an enzyme called CHYMOSIN which clots the milk. 

BUT vegetarians probably dont want to eat cheese made with rennet from animals.. 

so vegetarian cheese is made using chymosin from genetically modified microorganisms. Basically, the genes responsible for chymosin were isolated from calf stomach cells and put into yeast cells. Then grown on an industrial scale to produce chymosin.

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- Dietary supplement

-Added to Drinks (and bread)

-Stop them going off

-Bacterium called Acetobacter naturally produces a chemical easily converted to vitamin C

-Used to produce Vitamin C commercially

-Its cheaper and easier than extracting from fruit 

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