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Bacterial experiment.

Equipment; Agar, plate, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, washing up liquid, water, disinfectant, black marker, selotape.

Experiment; The plate will contain agar. I am going to divide the plate into four sections using a black marker pen. I am then going to press my non-washed finger into the agar, holding it down for only 4-5 seconds. After this, I am going to dip my finger into the disinfectant and then press this onto the agar. Next, one other person will wash their finger with soap and water and with the same finger I used, they will press this on the agar. Finally, another person with use hand sanitizer and do the same.

SAFETY-The plates can be kept in a safe place , secured with selotape for up to two days. The microbes will grow rapidly. After they have been observed and results have been recorded, all plates must be incinerated!

Independant Variable; I will change the method of hand washing.

Dependant Variable; I will observe the amount of bacteria/microbes on the plate.

Control Variable; I will keep the temperature, location and the period of time the fingerprints are on the agar the same.

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