Mexico to USA Migration Case Study

Case Study for Mexico to USA Migration

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Push Factors:

  • Bad Health Care - 1800 per doctor.
  • Short life expectancy - 72
  • Bad education - 55% adult literacy rate.
  • Bad sewage/Poor Sanitation/Overcrowding/80% have no clean running water - Diseases spread quickly - More death.
  • Low paid jobs - GDP = $3750
  • 40% is unemployed.
  • Poor quality soil for crop growth
  • Expensive education - Cannot get job when older.
  • Lots of pollution (air + noise) affecting health and making Mexico less attractive so less tourists.
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Pull Factors:

  • Better health care - only 400 per doctor.
  • Higher life expectancy - 78
  • Literacy rate = 99% so can get better jobs.
  • Better housing and infrastructure - More glamorous way of life.
  • More/Varied jobs - GDP = $47400
  • Stable government - less worries
  • Better education
  • Good climate - crop growth
  • Cleaner - Less pollution
  • Safer
  • American Dream
  • Bright lights syndrome
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Advantages for USA:

  • They can pay the Mexican for lower wages than Americans.
  • New food, language and music brought into USA.
  • Young Mexicans are willing to work and pay tax helping the economy.
  • More goods are being brought in USA so businesses benefit.
  • They will do jobs that Americans do not want (high labour).
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Disadvantages for USA:

  • The Mexicans have larger families so there is a greater strain on resources.
  • The Mexicans are poorly educated so they cannot get jobs and have to rely on benefits paid for by the State.
  • The immigrants take up the jobs to US citizens are out of work.
  • The sex ratios are unbalanced as mostly men migrate.
  • Illegal migration costs USA millions for border control.
  • Cultural and Racial differences.
  • Cases of TB is increasing.
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Advantages for Mexico:

  • Money is sent back from USA to Mexico so the Mexican economy benefits.
  • This the main revenue stream for Mexico.
  • This money has meant that Mexico is developing faster.
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Disadvantages for Mexico:

  • The economy is dependant on the money from USA.
  • Husbands and father are absent for many years on end.
  • Women are left to care for the children.
  • Many towns are almost deserted.
  • Women struggle to find husbands. So they may not have children and the population will start to decrease, this could eventually cause an aging population.
  • Many men have died in the desert before they reach the USA so no money is sent home to their families.
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Management Strategies:

  • Border Control
  • 4m high fence over 3000km long
  • 5,500 border agents
  • 2000 factories built just inside Mexico so low paid jobs are created for the Mexicans and they do not have to leave their families. Also it does not cost much for USA to transport the goods vack over. And any waste can be dumped cheaply as there are no regulations about this.
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