Meta ethics

 This is all about meta ethics , including the different type of theories


Meta ethics

"Meta"= Greek for above or beyond.

  • looks beyond ethical theories
  • look at the language terms used in ethical theories 
  • differs to normative ethics
  • NORMATIVE ETHICS =gives us a guide for moral behaviour and tells us what is right or wrong
  • Its a branch of moral philosphy as it looks at the way inwhich people use the language of morals
  • It does look at normative ethics, but tries to understand the terms used.
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meta ethics

meta ethics raises questions

  • what does right and wrong mean?
  • are we expresing opinions?
  • philosphers try to answer = debates
  • moral realists = there are subjective truths in the world = exsisit independently of us. Properties like "wicked" or "Kind" are real properties of a person. like rough and smooth are physical properties objercts 
  • this view = related to cognitive labguage.
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Meta ethics -related theories

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