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Intro motifs

The purpose of the family motifs is to demonstrate the family's ignorance and how nothing chances.It shows that even as time passes their focuses and actions remain the same.

Each one establishes the roles each character demonstartes in the play.

Mr S: His motif uses a newspaper as he acts as the steryotypical middle-class gentlemen concerning himself with current affiars (reading the paper). This ironic as he is unemployed and doesn't contrebute to 1910s England at all, but sits back and comments- just as he does with Gregor.

Mrs.S: She acts as the steryotypical middle-class lady of her time. Her consistant motif sees her applying make up looking into a hand mirror. It shows to the audience how self centred she is.

Greta: Greta's motif sees her again as a typical young lady of her era-  concerning herself with her future wifley duty of sewing and cross stiching. This indirectly displays to the audience the control society and her mother has over her. She is resticted from entering a new growing world leading up to the Roaring Twenties.

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