Merry Hill Case Study cards for OCR June 2012 Exam

All you need to know about changing shopping patterns for Merry Hill, for the Exam.

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  • West Midlands
  • 10km West of Birmingham
  • 4km South of Dudley
  • Edge of Town on A461
  • Accessible via the M5, M6 and M54
  • Brownfield Site (Old Steel Works)
  • Built in 1985
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  • 236 Shops all under one roof.
  • 10, 000 free parking spaces (and a coach park)
  • Large Food Hall
  • High order - shopping/comparison goods, specialist stores, consumer durables and low order convenience.
  • Magnet Stores and High End Chain Stores
  • Extensive Catchment Area
  • Many People attracted. (Families/Disabled/Those far away)
  • Disabled access
  • Attracts major shops (M & S, BHS)
  • Near good motorways (Good for Lorries and Customers)
  • Indoor - Protected from Weather
  • Cinema, Play Area and Restaurants (Good for Families)
  • CCTV and guards for shoppers safety
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  • Loss of Choice, Range and Quality of Goods and Services
  • Major Shops attracted away
  • Only Poor and Elderly Still Shop in Dudley (Too Far)
  • Merry Hill wrongly promised Dudley would benefit.
  • Many jobs lost from these shops
  • More empty shops - attract vandals, crime increase
  • Economic Decline
  • More traffic on motorways so air and noise pollution
  • Noise, Air and Visual pollution during construction
  • Flora and Fauna habitats destroyed to make way for centre
  • Longer travelling distance - more petrol and traffic.
  • Landscape ruined
  • Elderly and Poor struggle to buy necessary goods
  • Net job loss (Including those from town centre shops)
  • Local Businesses shut down.
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  • Job creation (5000 total but only 1200 at previous steel works)
  • 50000 shoppers on weekdays, 72000 on weekends
  • Environmental Improvement
  • Attracts tourists bringing money into the local economy
  • Safe, pleasurable shopping environment with a good range of shops
  • Job opportunities for local people
  • Leisure outlets, restaurants and play areas, great for all
  • Fitted with Air Conditioning, Heating and Soft Furnishings
  • Easy Access by Train, Car or Bus
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How Dudley is Fighting Back:

  • Planners controlling growth of Out-of-town to save town centres
  • Zoos, Castles and (Charity) Events to attract tourists
  • Build in town shopping centres
  • Introduce specialist shops and services
  • Farmers Markets
  • Cafes
  • Other Opportunities
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