Mental Preparation

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Result of Mental Preparatation

  • Control Emotions
  • Enable you to play sport and exercise fairly
  • Help you cope with stress
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Methods of Mental Preparation

  • Relaxation - thinking calm thoughts to try and relax before taking a penalty in football
  • Focusing - being focused when about tp perform a gymnastics routine
  • Raising Confidence - a hockey captain giving a half-time talk to the team.
  • Controlling arousal - calming down before a sprint race
  • Not getting over-excited - trying to calm down before a football match
  • Not critising others - If a team mate misses a penalty you encourage them
  • Show etiquette or sportsmanship - clapping your opponent when they play a good tennis match.
  • Using imagery or mental rehersal - a netball player visualises shooting at the goal before she shoots
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Mental-preparation Techniques

  • Relaxation helps a performer be calm and focus before a performance.
    • The more physically relaxed you can get, the more mentally relaxed you can be.
    • However you don't want to be too relaxed becasue you often need to react quiclkly and dynamically.
    • Relaxation exercises can be very useful before you attempt to train yourself in mental exercises such as imagery.
    • Relaxation skills need to be practised for them to be achieved/effective.
  • Controlling the heart rate by relaxation methods can make us feel more positive about performing. 
  • Imagery can help with relaxation and improve concentration and confidence.
    • e.g. a netball player visualises shooting at the goal before she shoots.
  • Self-Talk helps self-confidence and raises levels of aspiration.
    • It is a technique that involves the participant in a physical activity being positive about past experiences and future efforts by talking to themselves. 
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