Mental health act

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mental health act

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- In an emergency situation, if a person if a threat to themselves or others than they can be detained.This is usually done by an appointed relative/ the police / care worker

- Patients can be treated without their consent ( there are exceptions for example Surgery or ECT)This is only if it is agreed by a licenced practitioner.

- If a patient is in court and they have been convicted but not sentenced, the court can apply for the patient to have an assessment of there mental status. 

- Patients can be granted Leave, this can be with/with out a care assistant.

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- protects people who loose the ability to make their own decisions 

-prevents them harming themselves or others 

- accountability for those who make the decisions 

- gives clear guidlines and a system of redress 

-gives people with mental illnesses a voice 

-improves the service for people with MHN ( mental health needs )

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- it gives more control and confinement than it does treatment, this adds to the perception that people with MHI are dangerous 

-This legislation doesn't cover the needs of those with duel diagnosis( eg/ people who have substance abuse and a mental health problem) 

-makes no provisions for those with less serious mental health issues, for example those who suffer with anxiety or depression.

- keeping people contained goes against some human rights, in particular consent to treatment. this can also increase recovery time as its a stressful and traumatic experience.

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Emily Adams


Thankyou this really helped me with my revision!

Sam Morran


A nice summary of the act with weaknesses and strengths.

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