Mental Cases & Disabled

This is on Mental Cases & Disabled as a combination of short texts to write about for an essay - well what i used anyway!

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Overview of Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen wrote about his own personal experiences which makes his writing is very strong and powerful.

Owen wrote on the real horrors of war not the romanticised view.

Some regard Owen as the best war poet of all time.

Quotes by Owen...

"All a poet can do today is warn."

"The Poetry is in the pity."

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Overview of Mental Cases

Theme:  The horrors of war can destroy the mind

Purpose: To show the mental horrors of war.

Tone: The writers tone is, Pity, sympathetic  

The tone the reader picks up is, Disgusting, Horror, Emotive

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Overview of Disabled

Theme:   The horrors of war can destroy you physically

Purpose: To show the physical horrors of war.

Tone:   Sympathetic

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Mental Cases BP1

Figurative Language.


“Dawn breaks open like a wound that bleeds afresh.”


“Sunlight seems a blood smear.”

These are really effective as they compare things so basic such as "Dawn" and "Sunlight" to wounds opening and a blood smear. This shows that the veterans must have experienced a lot of this for this description to be able to be used.

They cannot escape their hideous memories of the warfare. The narrator sees them as living in hell,

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Mental Cases BP2

Language -

Concrete nouns giving a brutal description

“Sloughs of flesh”

“Treading blood from lungs”

These are effective as since Owen was on the front line him self this is what it was actually like and with these strong nouns we know what the reality of war is.

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Disabled BP1


So the main ideas do not offend the reader

  • “Threw away his knees.” He didn’t actually they were cut off.
  • “He’s lost colour.” He is dead.
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Do you have any more suggestions for these poems that I could use? 

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