Multi store model

Working memory model

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The multi store model


Aitkinson and Shiffrin 68'

Stimuli- Taking in information.Sensory memory store-All information goes into your SMS first.Short term memory-Immediate memory for items, has a capacity to hold between 5-9 bits for a duration of 30 secondsRehearsal Buffer- Remembering something over and over so it stays in your short term memory.Elaborative Rehearsal- This takes the information from your STM into you LTM.Retrival- When you remember something from your LTM it transfers it back to your STM.

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Working memory model


Baddeley and Hitch 1974

Visuo spatial sketchpad- known as the inner eye, it is responsible from dealing with any visual information. it supports spatial information Central executive- Control system for the working memory. It is not used for storage but rather processes information from any sensory modality.Responsible for sending and receiving information from the other components. Phonological store-consists of the phonological loop and the articulatory loop. The phonological loop deals with all the auditory informatio. The articulatory loop deals with verbal information, these two are obviously linked.

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