Mr Baker. The multi-store memory model and how it works/doesn't work with tests and theories by other psychologists.

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Methods of memory

When trying to memorise something, we can use the following methods:

  • Picturing - attaching a name to an item
  • Linking things into groups, such as creating a story
  • Thinking back - rehearsal 
  • Relate an item to somebody we know e.g Robyn has a red top
  • Mental image, photographic memory

To remember something we must follow these steps:

  • Store it in our sensory memory
  • Rehearse it so it enters our short term memory or if we rehearse further, our Long term memory 
  • Translate, encode into 'brain language'
  • Then to recall you must decode
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The multi-store model of memory


  • Miller measured the capacity of the short term memory.
  • Miller discovered the short term memory can hold 7 units of information. Millers 7-+2.


  • Craik and Lockhart studied the processes involved in memory.
  • They discovered Miller's explanation was to simple and how we memorise things affects where in our memory they go.Craik&Lockhart - Levels of Processing (
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Atkinson and Shiffrin

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The brain


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Iconic memory

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