RAM (Random access memory)

- Where data is stored while application is running

- Data can be read and written to RAM

- Volitile

ROM (Read only memory)

- Stores instructions that dont need to be  changed during normal use

- Data can only be read

- ROM is non volitile

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Virtual memory

Virtual memory is an area full of the hard disc drive or solid state drive used as tempory RAM when the actual RAM is full.

If there is no free RAM, the operating system will Swap out some of the data stored in the RAM to the Virtual memory on the hard disc drive.

Usually the least recently used data is swapped out.

if data that was swapped out is needed again it is swapped back in from the vitual memory at the expense of other data.

Adding more RAM will significantly improve performance of a pc

Virtual memory is much slower than RAM.

Disc Thrashing is where programs run slower because The OS is constantly swapping between RAM and the hard disc drive.

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