Meiosis and Mitosis

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Meiosis Process

Meiosis begins with one single cell. The cell makes a copy of each chromosome and divides up to make four new cells.

Why meiosis is important for fertilisation and survival chances:

  • produces gametes with half genetic information from parent.
  • for humans, gametes have 23 chromosomes each. 
  • when a sperm (23 chromosomes) fuses with an egg (23 chromosomes) an embryo cell forms with 46 chromosomes.
  • fusing of gametes where half of male and half of female join, making genetic variation. 
  • genetic variation is essential for evolution and survival chances of species
  • no two individuals are genetically identical so some genes will be an advantage with environment change/disease
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Mitosis Process

Plants undergo mitosis to make clones. Two new daughter cells are made.They are genetically identical to the original cell. 

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