Medinice through time

Arab medinice onwards

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Arab Medicine


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Causes and Cures

  • The Roman empire collapsed, but the greek and Roman learning lived on in the East.
  • Arab doctors believed that illness was caused by evil spirts. However as a result of reading the work of Hippocreates and Galen, Arab doctors understood the need to balance the hummours. Dorctors such as RHAZES began to observe all patients carefully and was the first to write about the differences between smallpox and measles.
  • AVICENNA a very important doctor who wrote a book about diease and medicine. He used the ideas of Galen as well as some of his own. His book was translated into latin which meant that doctors in Europe could read it and learn about the work of Galen which has been forgotten in the west.
  • Doctors were highly respected. Most examined the patients urine and checked their pulse. Drugs were the commonestfrom the treatment.
  • Hospitals were set up throughout the muslin world including Baghdad and Cair. There were special divisions for the wounded, for eye patients and for those who had fever.
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Surgery and Anatomy

Some breakthroughs

Ibn Al Nafis suggested that blood did not move through the heart. However this was not proven until the Renaissance.

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Middle Ages

Middle Ages

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Causes and Cures


  • A doctor would be trained to base his treatment on the thoery of the four humours.
  • He would examine patients urine and check it against a chart to help diagnose the illness.
  • He may have used astrology to work out the position of the planets before deciding the best treatment
  • Many people believed that epidemics were God's punishment of sinful people e.g black death


  • Bleeding
  • Herbal remedies
  • Praying fasting
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who treated the disease in the middle ages?

who treated the disease in the middle ages?

For the poor- the wise women, mothers, an apothecary (chemist) and the traveling quack.

For the wealthy- the physician (who studied at university) and the lady of the manor.

Surgery was usally taught in the universities. People became surgeons by being apprenited to another surgeon, watching his work then copying it.

Barber surgeons- earned their money by cutting hair and trimming breads. They also extracted rotting teeth and carried simple operations like blood letting. They used the same tools for various jobs and did not clean them.

Infection and pain- Medieval surgeons did attempt to deal with both. Hugh of lucca used wine to clean wounds while some used a mixture of drugs to make a paitent before and operation

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