Medieval Institutions under Henry IV

Medieval Institutions under Henry IV 

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The Crown

Coup of 1399 offers fresh perspectives of the nature of kingship

Framed as a judgement on Richard's rule - a judgement by the "common weal"

Based on fears of tyranny: Richard II had used the Lancastrian affinity to fund his Irish expedition which enrages Henry IV.

Offers a new precedent: if a King is widely disliked, it is acceptable to remove him.

Henry IV unable to establish traditional legitimacy since he has no watertight claim to the throne. 

Thus, Lancastrians always have fears of usurpation which brings about the Wars of the Roses. 

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Medieval Institutions under Henry IV 

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Conflict between the Percies and Lancastrians: 

* Henry IV promotes the Neville dynasty to Earls of Westmoreland creating a rival to the Percies. Regards the Percies as too powerful 
* Rebellion of the 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury between Earls of Northumberland and Worcester (Percies) v. Henry IV 

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