Medieval England Rebellions.

These cards will inform people on the rebellions that occured during the reign of William of Normandy.

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1067 (The welsh border rebellion)

  • Eric the wild ran a rampage, steals stuff and created general chaos in the city of Herefordshire.
  • He did it to get attention and the idea that he could- the rebellion occured during the beginning of Willam's reign and therefore it could be suggested that he had not yet established an order of firm control.
  • They failed to take control of the welsh border and returned to wales with much booty.
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1068 (The South West rebellion)

  • Gytha encourages people in Exeter to stop paying their taxes.
  • Could be seen as an attack of personal revenge towards William for killing her Son.
  • She is showing the King her potential power which could be seen as a warning.
  • She starting to see that land is being distrubuted to Norman Earls.
  • Harold Gowinson's sons land to gain moral support.

William collects troops and crushes the rebellion in battle.

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1069-1070 (The rebellion of the North)

  • Economically the North is starting to stuggle as William has banned all trade and relations with Scandanavia (political)
  • The Earl of Durham, Robert of Commines is burned to death.
  • In cheshire sommerset and Dorset start to rebel after hearing about the rebellions in the North.
  • The vikings land, Edwin and Morcar aim to get Edgar Aethling onto the throne.
  • The Norman garrison comes under attack so William stormed North to relieve them.
  • However the last viking invasion occurs when the King of Denmark's sons arrived with 240 ships and marched on York.
  • They found support for Anglo-Scandanavians and Edgar Aethling- seized York.
  • The king of Scotland allied himself to Edgar Aethling by marrying his sister.
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