Medicine Through Time History

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Prehistoric to Roman Time Medicine

Prehistory - the time before written records

Countries; Acient Greece, Egypt and Rome

Main beliefs; The different Gods, the Four Humours (Black Bile, Yellow Bile, Phlegm and Blood) and bad/evil spirits were believed to be the cause of disease.

Main people;

#Hippocrates (Came up with four humour theory)

#Aristotle (Developed the theory and linked disease to it

#Galen (Believed in four humours and then developed it)


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The Middle Ages (Medival times)

The time of the Dark Ages - The period in western Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the high Middle Ages,  500–1100 AD, during which. A period of supposed unenlightenment. 

~Barbarians faith and superstiton swept across Europe

~The church had a big influence on medievel medicine since they believed that illness was a punishment for sins and in oder to cure them they needed to pray and do things to show you were sorry.

~Medicine was dominated by the Four Humours theory and doctors followed the Greek and Roman practice,

~Public health measures were non - existent

~There were some new developments such as, human disection being approved, urine sampling etc.

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The Medical Renaissance

The period of general changes in thought, art, technology and printing. The time where plague got worse due to war and hit London in 1665.

Important people ;

Vesalius - very important man who wrote books on anatomy.

Pare - barber surgeon forced to improvise, invented ligatures.

Harvey- the man who discovered the circulation of the blood.

~The two doctors could only observe dead human hearts, meaning it was badly understood then before Harvey made his discovery.

~Changes in hospitals lead to spritual healers.

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The Industrial Revolution

The time where quite a few turning points to medicine occcured due to important discoveries been made.

Jenner (1749)  - Discovered vaccination, by injecting the disease of cow pox into people with smallpox cure them.

Pasteur (1857)  -First to suggest that germks caused disease by fermenting industrial alcohol.

Koch (1800's) - Used dyes to identify microbes and prove Pasteur's theory right. He linked diseases to the micorbes which caused them such as anthranx spores, septicaemia microbes and much more.

Ehrhlich - Found a chemical treatment for Syphilis. He discovered dyes that could kill malaria and sleeping sickness germs.

Fleming - discovered the first antibiotic Penicillin

Dogmagk - found a dye that stopped Streptococci.

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