Medicine Through time

Periods of medincine over time, cures, illnesses and Individuals.

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Pre historic

Super natural beliefs

Learn about Thier medicine by: Looking at the bones,shows that many people survived injurys and diseases. They believe in spirits,(believing they caused the illnesses).Also looking at the aboriginies.

Treated Sick: "The medicine man" would sing and chant so they fall into a trance, then take out the evil spirit. Also Herbs and lucky charms.

Trepanning- operation from cutting a hole in the head for spirits to escape.

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Ancient Egyptians

3400Bc-Believed that disease was caused by undigested food rotting in the bowels.Theory of the channels- They got some of their ideas from the River Nile, As if a channel became blockedit could cause a person to become unhealthy. So if a channel was blocked it would cause pain.The Egyptians thought of the river nile as having loads of different channels or their irrigation system.

Make advances by: Rich- afford to spend money on medicine and keep well.special places for treating the illnesses.Travel- New ideas, go long distances, bring in new medicine. Religion- believed that people had a life after death.Writting- Doctors benifited. treatments and remedies could be wrote down and passed on. passed on knowledge. Skills craftsmen- passed on medical instruments.

  • Treated the sick- Goddess Sekmet, Doctor Imhotep.
  • Cures- Honey, Balm, and gum,herbs and plants and frankincense.
  • Hippocrates- 460-377Bc collection of books "hippocratic collection"
  • Four Humours- this was were you had too much of something in your body,Black bile, yellow bile, blood, Phlegm.SO they would then give you something to take it out E.g Yellow Bile give you something to be sick.
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Public health. treatment, facilities

Aqueducts-fresh water supply,public baths,Public toilets.Sewers took away the waste,so nothing was getting into the air "miasma" which they believed was the smell that carried the diseases.

Theory of the opposites-Treated for oppostie of what you had to little of one thing.So if you had a cold they would make you sweat and get hot

They made advances- Rich, Strong Government, Army expanded Empire,Technology,Good Communication network.

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Romes Greatest Doctor

His ideas used for 100years

Discovered the nerves system on a pig.

Doctor to the Empire showed his ideas were accepted.

Worked with Gladiators.

Wrote Books on treaty of Anatomy based on animals but lead to mistakes for the jaw.

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Middle Ages/ Renaissance

Public health went down as the plague started to come in the middle agers.

  • Plague causes: Smell (miasma)
  • Eye contact
  • Humours out of balance
  • Bad digestion
  • Jew bringing the plague
  • Earthquakes relising bad smells

Andrea Vesalius-Anatomy:Showed galen to be wrong about the heart and jaw uses artists to illustrate books printed in basle.MAde proffesor surgery of padua university

Ambroise Pare- Surgery,wounds: Discovered that roman oniment was better than boiling oil and cauterising.became surgeon

William Harvey- Circulation of the blood:Discovered how the blood travelled around the body.Proves what he says

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Nineteenth Century

Cause of Cholera:

  • Sudden change it weather
  • Dirty streets
  • Uncleanliness
  • Religions

John Snow- Discovered that the water pump was causing to spread the cholera,down in broad street, he took the handle of the pump and the deaths hadn't gone down as much anymore. He could prove his ideas.

Lister Used carbolic spray to clear germs from operatin theatres and hospitals. ideas accpeted by giving an award in 1892 for fight against diseases.

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  • 1348: Black Death
  • 1665:Great Plague
  • 1796: Jenner Experimented
  • 1848: First public health act
  • 1830's: Living report from Chadwick
  • 1847 Ignaz Semmelweisses
  • 1854 Nightingale- Makes thing alot cleaner
  • 1858: Great Stink
  • 1870 Koch- Brought the Microscope
  • 1879 Vaccine for chicken cholera by pasteur
  • 1881: Pasteur proves vaccine for anthrox
  • 1875: Second public health act
  • 1928: Fleming discovered Pencillin
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