Medicine Through Time

different medical people through the industrial era

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Ambroise Pare

Born: in france 1510

Era: Renaissance

area of speciality: Surgery

Great Idea: during his time as a war surgeon he ran out of oil to Cauterise his he remebered an old Roman Medicine which was used, he used that instead and more of his patients survived.

Interesting Fact: he worked for his brother who was a barber surgeon.

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William Harvey

Born: in england in 1578

Era: Renaissance

Area of speciality: Circulation of the Blood

Great Ideas: He discovered how the blood flowed around the body and that blood did come from the Liver but was not constantly made

Interesting fact: He knew that blood capillaries existed however microscopes were not powerful enough to see them and so he could not proove there existance

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Andreas Vesalius

Born: in Belgium in 1514

Era: Renaissance

Area of Speciality: Human anatomy

Great Ideas: He made a book about the Human body and how it worked it was called The Fabric Of The Human Body.

Interesting facts: He went to universities in france and in Italy and also many of the drawing int he book were done by artists in Venice.

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Edward Jenner

Born: In England in 1749

Era: Industrial

Area of Speciality: Inocualtions

Great Ideas: He discovered the link between people who had cowpoxs surving small pox, he tried out his theory after geting Cow pox scabs and putting them onto a boy called James Phipps, he survived the cow poxs and then he was given small pox and survived.

Interesting fact: China was trying this method hundreds of years before he did.

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Louis Pasteur

Born: in France in 1822

Era: Industrial

Area of Speciallity: Microbiology

Great Idea: He discovered that Micro Oragisms caused wine and beer to go off and he Proved the theory of Spontaneous generation wrong.

Interesting Fact: he came up with the Germ theory which said that flies and microbes were attracted to decaying matter and did not spawn from it.

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Robert Koch

Born: in Germany in 1843

Era: Indusrtial

Area of speciality: Microbiology and causes of certain diseases

Great idea: he read Pasteur's work and from it he discovered the microbes that caused Typhoid, Tuberculosis and Cholera

Interestintg fact: he discovered that microbes could grow better on a solid rather than in liquid.

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Florence Nightingale

Born: in England in 1820

Era: Industrial

Area of speciality: Nursing

Great Idea: she realised the conditions of the hospitals  in the Crimea were bad and she improved them so that less soldiers were dying from infections

Interesting fact: she professionalised Nursing

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Mary Seacole

Born: Jamaica in 1805

Era: Industrial

Area of speciality: Nursing

Great Idea: she made a hotel in the Crimea for British soldiers where they could be Fed and Looked after.

Interesting fact: she was not recognised because she was black and she only ever made money from her book but her idea's were never recognised

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Jame Simpson

Born: in Scotland in 1811

Era: Industrial

Area of Speciallity: Surgery

Great Idea: he discovered the anasthetic Chloromform which was used to knock people out when they had surgery.

Interesting Fact: Queen Victoria used it in the birth of her 8th child.

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Joseph Lister

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