Medicine through time


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Pre - Historic Medicine

Why was there little progress in pre- historic medicine?

Government: No settled Government,Nomadic Lifestyle,planning intervention or funding was therefore not possible.

Economy:Hunter gatherer communities,subsistence economy only.

Technology:primitive tools only flints and arrow heads only.

Religion:belief in spirit world,Goods spirits cause good things and bad cause things such as disease.Natural explanations were not sought,supernatural cures:trepanning,charms and spells of medicine man

Communications:No written language,communication by word of mouth only,Ideas restricted to a narrow circle.

Education:No schools, No record of prior knowledge, skills and knowledge passed on in oral tradition,No written language.

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Medicine in Ancient Greece

Major contributors: Hippocrates major influence on medicine. Aristotle's theory of the four humours,Ascelpios physician,combined supernatural and natural cures.

Philosophy:developed ideas on how people should live which affected medicine

Clinical Observation:developed by Hippocrates,involved doctor observing the patient and then treating him using further observation.

Four Humours: Humours were all liquids in the body,yellow bile,black bile,Blood,phlegm. The humours had to be balanced in order to stay healthy,the humours were linked with the seasons.

Regimen: an organised lifestyle by the Greek,led to improved health and fitness.

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