Medicine Key People

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Had the idea of the Theory of the Four Humours (Blood, Phlegm, Black Bile, Yellow Bile - too many or too little causes sickness), Clinical Observation (Observe and record patients symptoms in cast studies - illness follows a natural course. Doctors could forecast how illness would develop and treat effectively), and created the Hippocratic Oath (Doctors aren't magicians, must keep standards and work for the patients and their best interests, not to make themselves rich. Made doctors professional. Sill used today).

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Said that the Human jaw was made up of two bones, like an apes.

Treated the Emperor and became Rome's leading doctor.

Gave lectures on medicine and wrote a series of books.

Body fitted together as if it was designed (by God).

Dissected animals (couldn't dissect humans) so made mistakes (Dog Womb, 2 Jaw Bones, Blood used up as moves around the body).

Ideas contunued for thousands of years.

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Innoculated an 8 year old boy with Cow Pox, he developed the disease, but did not die. 

Few months later, innoculated same boy with Small Pox and he didn't develop the disease.

Called his new method "Vaccination" from the Latin word for cow - "Vacca".

Couldn't explain how his procedure worked and it was a dead-end.

Ws supported by the Royal Family, however and by 1802, 12,000 people were vaccinated.

In 1852, the Government made vaccination compulsory.

By 1979 Small Pox had been wiped out.

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Discovered that Germs were carried in dust in the air.

Put liquid in 2 flasks, one with an air lock and one open to the air.

In the flask open to the air, the liquid went bad because it was exposed to germs and dust in the air.

In the flask with the air lock, the liquid did not go bad as it was not exposed to the germs and dust in the air.

Discovered also, that boiling the liquid killed the harmful germs in the liquid and called this process "Pasteurisation".

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Trained as a nurse in Germany and Paris and got a job as a matron.

Took 14 nurses and 24 nuns out to Crimea because of the Crimean War.

Reduced the War death rate from 42% to 2% by providing fresh air and food, and boiled, clean sheets.

When she returned to the UK she set up a nursing school to train women as nurses.

In a few years, trained nurses moved aorund all over the world.

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