WW1  1914-1918~


BLOOD TRANSFUSION:- LANDSTEINER showed blood transfusion could be done in 1902. In the 1915 US Dr lewishon discovers adding sodium citrate stops blood clotting. In 1916 francis rous and james turner add citrate glucose allowing blood to be stored for longer. Attacks could now be planned. 

science helped with the development of the blood transfusion but progress was accelorated by the massive casulties of WW1.

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X-rays/ Anitseptic surgery/ Brain surgery/ Heart s

X-RAY:- x-rays were discovered in 1895; Wilhelm roentgen did not take out a patient. mobile x-ray machines were invented to work on the front line.

Antiseptic surgery:- the mud and filth lead to many dying of infection. Chlorinated lime solution was used to try and deal with this.

Brian surgery:- the injuries the surgeons treated meant that they were forced to do brain surgery.

Heart surgery:- Before WW1 surgeons would not touch the heart wounds; made them do so.

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