Medicine 1350-1500AD

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Medicine 1350-1500 AD Q1

The 4 humours was a theory was introduced by the ancient greeks

The Four Humours was a throry introduced by the ancient greeks

They belived that your body had a mix of four liquids: Blood, Black bile, Yellow bile and Phlegm, that had to be kept in balance

If they wen tout of balance, you became ill

Treatment tried to balance the humours

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Medicine 1350-1500 AD Q2

Hippocrates, the leading Greek doctor suggested that treating an imbalance of the humours should be based on rest, changes in diet and leaving the body to heal itself

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Medicine 1350-1500 AD Q3

Galen was a Roman doctor who developed the 'Theory of the Opposites'

This was used to treat a patient whose body was out of balance 

Eg. If you had to much phlegm, which was linked to cold and wet, you wuld eat hot and peppery food

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Medicine 1350-1500 AD Q4

Galen wrote over 350 books

He took existing ideas and his own ideas and made them into a coherent system

He claimed that he had perfected Greek ideas and thus doctors now believed that there was n point in any further medical research

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Galen belived strongly in bloodletting as a treatment and a preventative measure for most illnesses

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The first medical school was set up in Salerno in the 10th century AD

It taught its students to treat patients based on Galens ideas of bloodletting, purging and Theory of Opposites

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