Medical Knowledge

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Medical Knowledge

What factors caused progress?
Improvements in the hardness and strenght of materials helped make better medical instruments

The development of papyrus meant that ideas and methods could be written down and studied

 Trade. Ideas. Communication 
Trade and travel brought new ideas and meant that different herbs became avaliable

Wealthier people could employ doctors

 Individuals. Money
The Greeks especially were fascinated by the world and why things happened. They wanted to find out more. Wealthier people had more time to spend on study and investigation.

Wartime wounds needed to be treated and they also helped doctors learn about anatomy

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Medical Knowledge

What factors help up progress?
Scientific. Ideas. Knowledge
They did not have enough knowledge 

Disection was banned meaning that the insides of the body could not be studied.

The technology at that time was not advanced enough so therefore they could not perform advanced surgery.

The beliefs in Gods meant that people rejected the natural causes and treatments of disease

The theory of the four humours wasn't right

 Idividuals. Money
The gap between the rich and the poor was too big

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