Medical Ethics

The Sanctity of Life, Fertility Treatment, Cloning, Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide, Animal Testing

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The Sanctity of Life

Definition: Life is precious, it is not for us to take away


Chritian teachings & beliefs ( QUOTES)


"You created every part of me; you out me together in my mothers womb"

"The lord gives and the lord gives away"

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Fertility Treatment

Fertility Treatment

Derfinition: The use of medical procedures to help people have a baby who are unable to conceive naturally


IVF (in vitro fertilisation)

An egg from the woman and sperm from the man that are put together in a lab.


AID (Artifical Insemination by Doner)

A doner is used to provide sperm or egg


Embryo donation

Embryos are donated to infertile couples,thus allowing them to have a baby

Christians attudes (QUOTES)

" Every women has the right to have a child"

"Be fruitful and increase the number"


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Defernition: Human cloning is the production of a genetically identical copy of a human cell, or human tissue or a human being. Not yet been achived but in working progress.


Reproductive Cloning:in order to clone a human it takes alot of years and involves using a wasting hundreads of embryos. It also then incrases high rates of miscarridges and still births.


Thrapeutic Cloning: is where they make a production of embryos to gather stem cells. They then use these to produce cells  such as heart , liver or brain cells. Which then could be used for medical treatment.


Christian (QUOTES)

"Play God"

"Medical research which involves the destruction of human embryos is a crime against their dignity as human beings"



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Defernition: Abortion is the early removal of the foetus from the womb



You shall not kill by abortionthe fruit of the womb



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