HYPODONTIA- is a condition where some of the teeth are congenitally absent 

BRUXISM- grinding

ATTRITION-  the loss of enamel specifically from biting surfaces of the teeth

EROSION- occours due to the action of acid on the enamel/ dietry acid

ABRASION- occurs when patients scrub there teeth too hard

ABFRACTION- id the specific loss of tooth in the neck region due to shering forces that occur 

TRANSLUMINATION- is the techniqu of shinning the curing light through the anterior teeth and viewing it palatally in a mouth mirror 

CHRONIC GINGIVITIS- is a slow on set on inflammation of the gingive/ one of the first signs is swelling


GINGIVAL HYPERPLASIA- increase size of the gums

SUBGINGIVAL CALCULUS- build up of plaque around the gums 

TOOTH MOBILTY- loose teeth 

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