Media Revision

media revision.

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Media Section A revision.

Shot types:

Close up, Extreme close up, Establishing shot, Medium shot, Two shot

Over the shoulder, Point of view shot, Over head shot.

Camera Angles:

High angle, Low angle and Canted framing

Camera Movement:

Pan, Track, Crane, Steadicam, Tilt, Zoom,

Diegetic sound - dialouge  Non diegetic sound - Soundtrack.

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Continuity Editing, Jump Cut, Credits, Freeze Frame, Juxtapostion, Linear narrative, Match on action, Visual Effects

Cross cutting: joining two narrative actions together.

Cutaways: a shot that interupts continous action.

Parallel Editing: two locations are cut together to imply connections

representation is the way in which the media portray the real world to the audience. stereotypes are a huge part of representation.

The conventional way of looking at disability is as the medical model. suggesting that disability is a misfortune, and this person will never be able to adpat to normal society. sometimes characters are shown to evolve from thier stereotypes and not live life in the way society beileves they will. [Young people as rebellious? Immigrants as bad people/Abnormal. Men as superior to Women.]

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representation of a characters stems from:

Gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, regional identity, disability?

The context of the representation, the audience reactions to the character. How relatable is the representation? How stereotypical? Isit postive or negative? Has this representation been changed through history? Is the representation offensive or contraversial?

shot selection tells the audience what the director thinks the audience should be paying attention to. point of view shots make it easy for audience to relate. close ups to capture emotion. The shots shown, are to give the audience clues as to how they should be feeling, what they should be understanding.

Social groups seem to be presented in more postive light: ethnic miniorities, homeless, disabled and working women.

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