Media Influence on Anti-Social Behaviour

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Observation learning and imitation

  • children observe behaviours of role models and then imitate them
  • this informs the viewers of both the positive and negative behaviour
  • imitate violent behavuours that gains the role models objective
  • Philips (1983) crime statistics for the ten day period following a televised heavy weight boxing match showed thgat there was a significant rise in the number of murders.
  • such imitation is rare outside of the Banduara style studies especially using specially preapred videos
  • the boys who murdered James Bulger were said to be inspired by the video childs play when infact there was no soild link
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Cognitive priming

  • acitivation of aggressive thoughts and feelings and explains why children obsereve one voilent behaviour on tv and then carry out another one after
  • after a show, a viewer is then primed to respond aggressive because of a network of memories involving aggression
  • Joesphon (1987) hockey players watched two clips, one were there was a refree and the other were he was holding a walkie-talkie. when he was holding the walkie-talkie this acted as a cue for  aggression
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  • watching violence on tv regularly has not effect on a child after a while
  • this then causes them not to worry about violence both on tv
  • they also then have no concernof their own aggression when becoming violent
  • Cumberhatch (2001) people may get used to violence on tv but this does not mean that they are then used to it at their own home life
  • voilence on tv may frighten young children but it is not frightening
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Lowered physiological auorsal

  • watching violence reguralry can then result in less auorsal
  • exciation-transfer model, auosal creates a rediness to agress if the circumstances are correct for them to do so
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  • violent behavuour on tv provides justification for own behaviour
  • it may also provide moral guidlines for what is both acceptable or what is not
  • many tv shows have mixed content of both pro-social and anti-social behaviours
  • Liss and Riendheirt negative effects of watching tv support justification
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