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Background information on the BBFC British Board of Film Classification and the PCC Press Complaints Commission

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BBFC Basic Information

  • Established in 1912 under the name of British Board of Film Census
  • Renamed the British Board of Film Classification in 1985
  • An independent non governmental organisation given responsibility over classifying films for release in in British cinemas
  • Funded by the film industry
  • The Video Recordings act (1984) - All films must be given a classification by a recognised source, in this case the BBFC.
  • Statutory regulations still exist that mean local authorities can change a rating for their local area.
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PCC Basic Information

  • An independent nongovernmental organisation funded entirely by the British Press
  • Established in 1991 as a successor to the Press Council
  • Made up 16 members which consists of: Editors, Journalists and The general public working under a independent chairman.
  • They deal with complaints from people about things published in British Press
  • They do not impose fines at all merely aim to 'Resolve' issues.
  • In 1990 the government said there needed to be a new non-statutory Press complaints commission as the British Press was "Drinking at the last chance saloon"
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