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Hanz Zimmer - 'Inception' 'Dream is Collapsing'

  • The elaborate 'dream within a dream' set up during the film begins to collapse as various crisis in each level trigger a violent shock which will wake the dreamer at the next level up.
  • Accompaniment in low strings, suggesting depth and darkness
  • music builds gradually which suggests the overarching links between the scenes all coming to a synchroised climax.
  • begins on electric guitar, repeated quavers with echo.
  • melody obsessively repeates a single note (six times) and then the semitone below it
  • fortissimo accented brass chords underline the harmony
  • horn countermelody in dotted minims, often clashing with the harmony (added 2nds and 7th feature)
  • huge build up of dynamics with increase in texture
  • layers of ostinato rhythm build up over the circling chord changes: upper strings added to guitar lines, further harmony added, distorted guitar chords added.
  • high violins continue to play a melody consisting only of a semitone with a cross-rhythmic 6/8 against the prevailing 3/4 metre
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Hanz Zimmer - 'Inception' 'Dream within a dream'

  • Driving, with intensity (crotchet =126), creates tension through the tempo
  • minor key and chromatic movement
  • time signature 6/4, creates poor sense of pulse
  • no sense of total centre, no functional harmony
  • first two notes, perfect 4th = motif
  • bar 4, bassline - notes tied across two beats
  • minimalism - hold two notes down, sounds within sounds, links to drem within a dream, minimalist movement
  • bar 5, first chord = E major chord
  • bar 3, first chord = C major abd dotted rhythms that are turned to octives
  • bar 17, first chord uses 5th and not the 3rd of chord
  • bar 18, Gb major
  • bar 19, Eb major
  • bar 20, B major raised 7th chord.
  • bar 21, G minor chord
  • = fast harmonic rhythm
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Bernard Hermann 'Vertigo' 'Carlotta's Portrait'

  • monophonic/tonic pedal notes throughout
  • quiet dynamics sustained throughout
  • low register woodwind/horn chords
  • chromatic melody with narrow range
  • tremolo violins/celeste
  • obsessive spanish habanera/tango rhythm on spanich theme of the portrait
  • slow moving mysterious chords, mainly minor tonality, but with unexpected chromatic shifts, producing some augmented and diminished harmony, often quite dissonant (through subtly) against the pedal note
  • phrase repeated with muted horns and high violins doubling the melody
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