MEDC volcano case study >>> Eyjafjallajokull

Eyjafjallajokull - Iceland's volcano

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Details About The Eruption

Eyjafjallajokull - Iceland's Volcano


Date: 14th - 25th April 2010


Location: Iceland is in the North-west corner of Europe on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Causes Of The Eruption

Causes: The volcano erupted due to a release of pressure beneath a 'plug' on the top of the volcano. This was caused because the volcano is located on a constructive plate boundary - the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Impacts Of The Volcano

Local Impacts:

  • Ash and volcanic bombs
  • Flooding from the now melted glacier


Global Impacts:

  • Ash clouds spread widely stopping air traffic
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i don't hink there was any volcanic bombs
But you could maybe include information about the fact one of the main bridges on the m.1 main road got washed away due to melting glacier - you could also maybe name it
And you could say what type of plate boundary it was maybe
Cattle had to be kept indoors because eating ash covered grass owuld kill them
The fact iceland's airports stayed open

this link may help : :) Good luck



Great, but I think there should be more about plate boundaries involved and the effects on flight in Europe =D

sarahish majid


There's not enough info, thanks anyway :D

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