Measuring ventiliation


Procedure of using a spirometer



  • The spirometer is pre-filled with medical grade oxygen to insure safety of the patient
  • It is left full with the taps closed
  • The patient is asked to sit down and to try and relax
  • The mouthpiece is rinced with an antiseptic solution or a new mouthpiece is used from a sterile pack
  • Mouthpiece is placed in subjects mouth
  • The recorder is started
  • At the end of an exhalation the tap is tuened to connect the subject to the spirometer
  • From this point the patient is breathing oxygen from the spiometer bell
  • Normal breathing is recorded for around 1 min
  • The patient is asked to breathe in as deeply as possibleollowed by normal breathing for a few breaths
  • To complete the assessment the patient is asked to breath out as far as possible, followed by normal breathing for another minute.
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Peak flow



  • Before the reading is taken make sure the mouthpiece is clean and the meter is set to zero
  • The subject takes  deep a breathas possible, immediatly blowing out as hard as possible
  • The lips should be sealed firmly around the mouthpiece to insure that none of the air escapes and all the air gets blown through the meter
  • The process is repeated 3 times and the highest value is written down as the recording.
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