Matters of life and early life

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Human rights

There are 30 human rights

Human Rights are not legally binding.

Violations still happen worldwide.

Quality of Life

  • good health
  • being well treated
  • having freedom
  • enjoying your life
  • achieving things
  • Being happy
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Development of a Foetus

week 1 - Embryo implants into womb wall

week 3 - Heart is beating.

week 4 - All internal organs are present

week 7 - fingerprints, ears and brainwaves can be detected

week 9 - can feel pain

week 11 - Brain is fully formed

week 21.5 - youngest baby borned and survived

week 24 - Abortion is legal up to this point

week 39-40 - Baby is full-term

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  • The parents may not be able to care for the chil. physically, mantally or financially
  • The baby may be ill and have a bad quality of life therefore they will suffer in some way


  • The baby could be healthy and could be adopted
  • It's killing a life - murder


  • Roman catholic Priest - human life begins at fertilisation. The child has a charecter from the start. Abortion id killing.
  • Church of England - Encourages adoption. All life is given from God. Abortion CAN be the best way foward.It's their choice. Opinions vary. It's good but it depends on the circumstances
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Abortion 2


  • 2 stage surgical - The foetus' heart is stopped with an injection and id then removed with a suction tube and forcepts.
  • Vacume Asperation - A suction tube is inserted into the womb and removes the foetus.
  • Up to 9 weeks - A pill is taken with a doctor so the lining comes away from the cervix.


  • In the UK abortions have been legal since 1967
  • A doctor can refuse to give advise but they must refer them to another doctor.
  • You cant have an abortion after 24 weeks unless the baby or mother is at severe risk.
  • 2 doctors must agree that the abortion would cause less damage to the mother.


  • Pro-life - The argument that abortion is wrong and your killing a life
  • Pro-choice - The argument that the mother should have a choice as it's their body.
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Key words

Human Genetic Engineering - The modification of gene make-up to change the features of a human.

Embryology - The study of Human Embryos

Embryo - Fertitlised ovum at about 12-14 days when implanted into the wall of the womb.

Designer Baby - Babies with gender and charecteristics chosen by their parents (currently illegal)

Stem cells - A cell, most often taken from a 4-5 day old embryo whose role in the body hasnt yest been chosen.

Saviour siblings - A sibling, genetically compatible with a sick child is implanted and born to use stem cells and to treat the sick child.

Cloning - The scientific method by ehich animals and plants an be created which have the same genetic make-up as the poriinal as the DNA of the original is used.

Transplant surgery - When omeone else's organs are put into another patient

Blood transfusions - When a patient is given extra blood as part of an operation.

Human experimentation - Testing products, usually medicined on paid human volunteers

Human Animal Hybrid Embryo - An embryo made from human DNA  and animal eggs (experimentation)

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Designer Babies

Designer Babies

  • You can select hair and eye colour ect.
  • Can prevent some diseases
  • Gives the parent a child they want
  • Could reduce abortions if gender selection was made legal
  • Could make alot of money for the science industry
  • its not 100% effective
  • Could end up in a population imbalence
  • Expectations may be set which cant be fufilled causing disappointment
  • Only available to the rich
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Saviour Siblings

  • Helps families with sick children
  • Cures a child
  • A child was just born to be used
  • Some procedures put the mother or child at risk
  • The saviour sibling has no choice
  • The child may feel unwanted
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Key words 2 and Fertility treatment A's and D's

Artificial insemination - A medicala procedure to implant the sperm into the womb.

AIH - Artificial Insemination Husband

AID - Artificial Insemination by donor

IVF -In Vitro (in glass) Fertilisation

Surrogacy - Carrying a baby in the womb for another mother, giving birth to it and then returning it.

Fertility treatment

Advantages - Gives couples a chance to be parents

Disadvantages -

  • Not 100% garentee and donors may drop out
  • Long waiting list
  • Expensive
  • Unessacery killing of embryos.
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Bible quotes on Fertility treatment

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" (Jeremiah 1:5) - against Designer babies as you are changing what God has given.

"Hannah had none and the lord had closed her womb" (1 Sammuel 1:2, 5) - meaning that it is God's choice wether yiu can have kids or not.

"do not commit adultary" Issues with donors as they can been seen as adultary.

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Organ transplants and blood transfusions

An organ Transplant - An operation which exchanges a poorly functioning organ for one that works well

  • eg. kidneys
  • heart
  • liver
  • lungs

Many operations require patients to have their blood replaced or more likely topped up with blood from the same blood type.

Johovohs witnesses refuse blood transfusions as they believe their life is carried in their blood.

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Reproductive cloning - Making an identical copy of an organism

Theraputic Cloning -  this is known as stem cell cloning where the aim is to clone the biological material to produce embryos, which stem cells can be taken from and used in research to find treatment for diseases.

Scientific arguments

  • Medical breakthrough
  • Could repopulate species
  • low sucess rate (300+ attempts to make Dolly)

Religous argumets

  • Playing God
  • It could be a caring thing to do
  • If life begins t conception
  • 300+ attempts of wasted embryos
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Cloning A's and D's


  • Could save lives
  • Could save species
  • Could produce medicine


  • Low sucess rate
  • Playing God
  • Experimenting on animals
  • Could produce deformed animals which could die
  • Quality of Life
  • Expensive
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