matters of life and death

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matters of life and death

resurrection-the belief that, after death, the body stays in the grave until the end of the world when it is raised

immortality of the soul-the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body

heaven- a place of paradise where god rules

purgatory- a place where catholics believe souls go after death to be purified

hell- a place of torture where satan rules

paranormal- unexplained things which are thought to have spiratual causes e.g mediums and ghosts

sanctity of life- the beliefe that life is holy and belongs to God

abortion- the removal of a foetus from the whom before it can survive

contraception- preventing conception from occuring

euthanasia- an easy and gentle death

assisted suicide- providing a seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide

voluntary euthanasia- the situation where someone dying asks the docter to end their life painlesly

non-voluntary euthanasia- ending someones life painlesslywhen they are unable to ask, but youhave a good reason for believing thay would want you to do so

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