Matters of life and death

Life after Death

ALL Christians believe there is life after death for those who BEILEVE IN GOD

The idea that that souls lives on after death is called IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL

Answer these questions

......What is meant by immortality of the soul? 1 mark

......Do you think there is life after death? Give 2 reasons for your point of view. 2 marks


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The effect of belief in the afterlife on Chrisitia

Christians try to live by what the bible tells them to do, this effect how they live and how they treat people. remember these quotes,



How might Christians behave in their lives, well they might go to church or prayer more.

They might do lots of good work like helping other people because they believe that God is watching them and it is what he would want them to do.

They might teach people to treat others how they want to be treated.

Answer this question....How would the beliefs about life after death affect the actions of a christian 8 marks

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Infertility means NOT being able to have children. Thers is a treatment call FERTILITY TREATMENT which helps couples have babies (Drew and Megan were born using fertility treatment)

Christians have 2 different ideas about fertility treatments

Those who agree with Fertility Treatment think it allows infertile couples to have the joy and happines of having children.

Those who disagree with Fertility Treatment think that its Gods way of stopping a couple from having children.

Answer this question..... Explain why some Christians support Fertility Treatment and others oppose it 8 marks

Answer this question.... Couples who cannot have children should be entitled to Infertility Treatment free of charge Do you agree? give a reason for agreeing you must refer to the Christian relgion in your answer 3 marks

 Explain why some people might disagree with you. 3 marks


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