Matters of Life and Death

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Catholics believe in life after because...

1. The Gospels say Jesus rose from the dead

2. St Paul teaches about a 'spiritual body'

3. The Creeds speak of eternal life

4. The Catechism and the Magisterium teach about eternal life

5. Life after death gives life meaning and purpose

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How belief in life after death affects the lives of Catholics?

1. They try to lead good lives to avoid purgatory and hell

2. They follow the teachings of Jesus and the Church

3. They try to love their neighbour (Sheep and the Goats and the Good Samaritan)

4. Try to avoid sin

5. Their beliefs give their lives meaning. Christians are less likely to suffer from depression than atheists

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All Christians believe in life after death - but there are different attitudes

1. Catholics believe in purgatory which purifies all Christians to go to heaven

2. Some Christians believe that they will stay in the grave until the last day - resurrection

3. Some believe that the soul lives on in heaven - Immortality of the Soul

4. Some believe all non-Christians go to hell: others say that it is just for evil people: Others do not believe in hell at all

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Non-religious reasons for believing in life after death

1. Near death experiences - some people claim to feel peace, float above the body and see a bright light and dead relatives. If it is true, there must be life after death.

2. Evidence for a spirit world - ghosts, ouija boards, mediums. If it is true, there must be life after death

3. The evidence of reincarnation. If it is true, there must be life after death

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Why some people do not believe in life after death

1. If there is no God, there is no spirit world for life after death to happen in

2. Different religions contradict each other (Resurrection/ Immortality of the soul/ Reincarnation)

3. Evidence of this paranormal has been challenged by scientists

4. Science says when the body dies the mind dies

5. There is no place for life after death to take place  

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The nature of Abortion

1. British law allows abortion if the mother's life or health is at risk

2. Many believe life begins at contraception. Therefore abortion is murder.

3. Many believe life begins when the foetus can live outside the mother therfore it is not murder

4. Some non-religious people say the woman can choose what she does with her body

5. Many religious people say the unborn child's life is more important than the mother's rights

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Christian attitudes to abortion

Catholic View...

1. Life belongs to God so only God can end a pregnancy

2. Life begins at contraception so abortion is murder

3. Traditional Protestants agree with Catholics about abortion

4. The Catechism says abortion is wrong

5. Counselling and adoption are alternatives

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Christian attitudes to abortion

Liberal Protestant view...

1. Life does not begin at contraception

2. 'Love your neighbour' means help the suffering which abortion does

3. The sanctity of life can be broken in war, so why not in abortion?

4. Abortions should be allowed if tests show the baby will be handicapped

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The nature of euthanasia

Many people want it to remain illegal because...

1. There will always be doubt about what the person really wants

2. A cure might be found for the disease

3. A doctor's job is to save life, not kill

4. People might change their mind

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The Nature of Euthanasia

Many people want it to be legal because...

1. Better medicine keeps people alive - sometimes in pain

2. Doctors already have the right to switch off life support machines

3. People have the right to commit suicide so they should be allowed help to die

4. Judges have allowed doctors to stop treatment - allowing people to die

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Christian attitudes to Euthanasia

Catholics and many protestants believe...

1, Euthanasia is wrong in all forms but withdrawing treatment or giving painkillers which shorten life is acceptable

2. They believe in the Sanctity of life

3. They see euthanasia as murder

4. If someone is brain dead switching off a life machine is not murder

5. The Doctrine of Double effect says giving large doses of painkillers is not murder. It is not done to kill.

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Christian attitudes to Euthanasia

Some people do not accept withdrawal of treatment or switching off machines or large doses of painkillers because...

1. They take the Bible's condemnation of suicide literally

2. They count switching off the life machines, withdrawing treatment and large doses of pain relief as euthanasia

3. All forms of euthanasia are murder

3. The Bible says life and death decisions belong to God

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Christian attitudes to euthanasia

A few Christians accept euthanasia in certain circumstances because...

1. God may wish someone to die but doctors are keeping them alive

2. If someone wants to die, it can be loving to help them

3. Control over your body is a basic human right

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The media and matters of life and death

Some believe...

1. Criticising beliefs on matters of life after death stirs up hatred and is illegal

2. Media freedom should be limited if it causes offence

3. Criticism of beliefs is close to blasphemy

Others believe...

1. Freedom of speech is a basic human right

2. If religious leaders use the media they must accept criticism

3. In a multi-faith society there must be freedom of expression

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The Causes of World Poverty

1. Natural Disasters - earthquakes and floods can destroy homes and farmland in LEDCs

2. Debt - LEDCs borrow to develop but the interest can make them poorer

2. Wars - crops, homes, schools, and hospitals are destroyed in war

3. Unfair trade - MEDCs control world trade to their own advantage

4. HIV/AIDs - many people are dying leaving orphans, which leaves them in povery

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How CAFOD is trying to remove the causes of world poverty?

1. Development programmes - Health care, education, farming projects

2. Disasters and Emergencies - Food, antibiotics and shelter

3. Raising awareness - 5% of the budget is spent telling people in the UK about poverty

4. Speaking out - CAFOD took part in the 'Making Poverty History' campaign

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Why CATHOD is trying to remove the causes of world poverty?

1. The New Testament says riches should be used to help the poor

2. The Parable of the Sheeps and Goats says helping the poor is helping Jesus

3. The Catechism says Catholics should help the poor

4. The Parable of the Sheeps and Goats says helping the poor is the way to heaven

5. The Sermon on the Mount says people should help the poor

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