Matters of Life and Death


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Christian belief in life after death

  • Jesus rose from the dead
  • St Paul teaches that people will have a spiritual resurrection
  • Churches believe in it
  • it gives their lives meaning and purpose 
  • evidence of the paranormal
  • Jesus taught it
  • major creeds teach it 
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Affect on Christian lives

  • Have to lead a good life to get in to heaven
  • Commandment "Love God" therefore go to Church 
  • Commandement "Love your neighbours as yourself" therefore help people in need (christian Aid) 
  • Jesus said only those who fed the hungry,clothed the naked,befriended strangers,visited the sick and those in prison was allowed in heaven.
  • avoid committing sins
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believing in life after death

Non religious reasons for believing in life after death:

  • Near death experience: when someone is clinically dead and then comes back to life they feel peace of body,floating above the body,seeing a bright light,entering a heavenly place.
  • Evidence of reincarnation
  • Evidence for a spirit world : contact with spirits and dead people

Why people dont believe in life after death:

  • Holy Books contradict each other e.g bible - immortal soul, Quran - resurrection 
  • Science shows that everything dies so what could survive 
  • there is no place for life after death to take place 
  • brought up not to belive in life after death
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Muslims and life after death

  • when dead people will stay in the grave until the Last day
  • raised for final judgement

why : 

  • Quran teaches this, it is the word of God 
  • believe that life is a test so there must be a life after death
  • taught in Hadith

Affect on their lives:

  • observe five pillars of Islam
  • follow shariah law 
  • resurrection means nothing should be removed from the body after death
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Abortion can be carried out if

  • the mothers life is at risk 
  • child will be born handicapped 
  • serious effect on family and children
  • before 24 weeks of pregnancy

Controversial issue:

  • religions believe that life begins at moment of conception
  • a baby is not a separate life until it is outside of the mother
  • mother can do whatever she wants with the baby
  • it shouldn't be carried out by staff they might have conscience of killing a baby
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Christian attitudes to abortion

Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestants believe that abortion is always wrong :

  • sanctity of life
  • life begins at conception
  • murder is banned in the sixth commandment ,abortion is murder
  • everyone has the right to life
  • the Church says it 
  • adoption is better than abortion

Other Protestant disagree with abortion but think you should choose the lesser of the two evils so it should be allowed

  • they don't believe that life begins at conception
  • if baby is handicapped  
  • duty of a Christian to remove suffering
  • if killing is allowed in just war then why not in a just abortion
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Islam and Abortion

Some Muslims believe abortion shouldn't be allowed because they believe in the sanctity of life:

  • only God is allowed to take life
  • The Holy Quran says the people should never kill their children

Most Muslims believe abortion should be allowed if the mothers life is at risk:

  • death of unborn child is lesser than the death of the mother
  • Shariah says that the mothers life must always take priority

Some Muslims allow abortions up to 120 days into pregnancy if there are problems with baby or Mothers health

  • Hadith state that after 120 days the foetus gets its soul
  • Shariah says that Mothers life must always take priority
  • the foetus is not a human so it shouldn't affect the family that much
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  • Relieving someone from their suffering of a disease that has little quality of life.
  • British law euthanasia = murder but withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration is not.
  • withholding treatment from patients with little or no chance of survival is not murder

It should be legal because:

  • people are alive because of medical advances but they have a bad quality of life
  • life support machines are a form of euthanasia because family can agree to switch it off
  • doctors can switch it off
  • you should be able to decide if you want to die or stay alive if your in pain.
  • Human right = own right about ending life

It should be illegal because:

  • there's doubt if the patient wants to a possibility of money involvement
  • a cure might be found for the disease
  • doctors would take lives not save lives
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Christian attitudes towards Euthanasia

Some Christians:

  • Euthanasia is wrong but Life support machine isn't so extraordinary treatments are wrong because
  • sanctity of life
  • murder is forbidden
  • switching off life machine means God has decided their death
  • if you give painkillers its not wrong because your intentions were to relieve them from their pain
  • Church teaches no extra ordinary treatments

Some Christians believe:

  • Every type of euthanasia is wrong  because
  • bible teaches murder is wrong
  • switching off life machine means human ending life
  • sanctity of life

A few Christians believe limited use of euthanasia is acceptable living wills mean that people can decide,loving your neighbour as yourself means that helping them.

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Islam and euthanasia

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Media and matters of Life and death

  • The media should not be able to criticise what religions say about abortion and genetic engineering because it causes religious hatred.
  • They could cause serious offence
  • criticising religious leaders is the crime of blasphemy
  • their attitudes towards God shouldn't be criticised

Media should be free about what they say:

  • freedom of expression
  • religious leaders criticise government they should therefore be ready to be criticised about their attitudes
  • freedom of religious belief and expression
  • Life and death are important issues so everyone should know about that
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