Matters of Death

Cards have Christian and Hindus beliefs about death, as well as key words!

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We will be judged when we die.

The story of the Sheep's and the Goats; 'Goats' are sent to Hell because they didn't help the needy/poor. Therefore, the 'Sheeps' are sent to Heaven because they helped the needy/poor.

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Life after death; your soul will be resurrected just like how Jesus rose from the Cross after he died.

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Death and rebirth, cycle of life, Samsara

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Reincarnation depends on how we fufill our Dharma. Therefore, if we fufill it, then our karma will be good.

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Good karma means we will be reincarnated into a higher caste. Therefore if we have bad karma, then we will come back in a lower caste.

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Achieving Moksha

Aime for Hindu's in life is for them to escape Samsara; but for the soul to be released and join God

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