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Similiar Shapes

- One shape is an enlargement of the other.

- All corresponding angles are equal.

- All corresponding lengths are in the same ratio.

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Congruent Shapes

- All sides and angels are identical to eachother.

Conditions for Congruency of triangles:

* SSS (Three sides equal)

* SAS (Two sides and the included angle equal (angle must be in between the two sides))

* AAS (Two angles and a corresponding side equal)

* RHS (Right angles, hypotenuse and side equal)

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How to enlarge... -> Draw ray lines from the centre of enlargement through verticles.   -> Measure lengths of image from centre of enlargement.


* Negative scale factors flip the object and switch directions.


* Fractional scale factors make the image small than the object. E.g. If one side is 2cm and the SF is 1/2 then the image side would be 1cm.

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