Maths: Fractions

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Cancelling down fractions

There's only one rule for cancelling down fractions and that's divide by the highest common factor for example 18/24 divided by 6 = 3/4

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Mixed numbers

An improper fraction is one where the denominator is larger than the numerator
The method to write a mixed number as an improper fraction.
1) Times the whole number by the denominator.
2) add the original numerator to the answer in step one.
3) Now place your answer in step 2 as the numerator and place original denominator as the denominator.

4 2/3 = 14/3

The method to write an improper fraction as a mixed number.
1) divide the numerator by the denominator this answer is the whole number for the mixed number.
2) The remainder of this answer is the new numerator.
3) the denominator stays the same.

31/4 = 7 3/4

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1) cancel down any of the numbers which have common factors within the two fractions by dividing them by the highest common factor.
2) Now multiply both of the numerators and the denominators separately.

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If there's a mixed number which is being divided convert it to an improper fraction
1) turn the second fraction upside down and multiply by using the multiply method.

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