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The angles in a triangle add up to 180'

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To work out equations you use a fomalae

Formulae means find the missing number

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Top heavy fractions can be converted into propper fractions using this method:

Work out how many top numbers go into the bottom number

eg: 9/2 there are 8 two's and 1 remainder

You then make this into a fraction

eg: 8 two's remainder 1 = 8 1/2

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To work out the volume of a shape you use this formula:

Lengh x Width x Height


The dimensions of a cube are:

Lengh = 5 cm

Width = 10 cm

Height = 7 cm

5x10x7= 350

The volume is:


350 cm

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great you added some examples.. makes it clearer and easier to understand :)

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