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Positive enlargement of 2 is across 1 up 1 is across 2 up 2

Rectangle with sides of x+3 and x+8 is (x+3)(x+8) or x²+11x+24

Means moving an object around a grid

Triangle with sides of x+7 and x-3 is ½ X (x+7)(x+3) or x ² +4x-21 / 2

Plotting straight line graphs:

(4/2) 4 = right, 2 = up

Pick a corner and count along the boxes then up or down the boxes (-3/-6) -3 = Left, -6 Down

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Equation of line number before x is gradient after x is y intercept parallel t y=3x=2 can be y=3x(5,6,7) for every 1 across however many it goes up is the gradient (m) y intercept (c) is where it passes through on the y axes

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Angles and bisectors with compass

pick a corner and draw an l shape connecting to the pivot then rotate the arm (90 degrees) Pick 3 or 4 coordinates on the x axes and write them on a table and complete the y=mx+c with x as the number plot the coordinates using the table draw a line through these points and continue

!!remember to label the line!!

Perpendicular bisector (Right angle) 1. Make sure your compass is open more than half the line 2. Go to one edge of the line and draw a big ark 3. Go to the other side of the line and draw another ark that crosses the other (Don't open or close your compass)

4. Use your rule to draw a line through both crosses of the ark to form a perfect right angle

Angle Bisector (cut through the middle) 1. Draw an ark from the corner going through both lines mark where they cross with the lines 2. Draw another ark by placing your compass on one of the points and draw your ark near the middle so make it big 3. Do the same from the other point 4. mark where both arks meet 5. draw a line from the corner through the point

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Area of triangles

Area = ½ X base X Height use perpendicular height not slanted height

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Area of trapezium

Area = ½ X (a+b) X h

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Remove one veriable and replace with one that will help you solve

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