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Number - Calculating Tips

BIDMAS                    Now test yourself         

Brackets                              Answer the question at the bottom of page 2 in 

Indices                                the GCSE Mathematics Revision Guide                  

Division                              Remember to use BIDMAS and the question 

Multiplication                     becomes simple!

Addition                                                                                D


Don't be scared of wordy equations

1. Read the question carefully and work out what maths you need to use

2. Underline or highlight all of the information you need

3. Write out the question in maths,and answer it showing all of your working out

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Number - Types of Number


Integers: 0, 1, -365, 1234567890, 989, 17                E

Not Integers: 0.5, -1002.9, 2/3, pi, surds

Rational and Irrational 

Rational numbers come in three forms:

1. Integers (4 = 4/1)

2. Fractions - where both numbers are non-zero integers

3.Terminating or recurring decimals (0.125 = 1/8)                        C 

Irrational numbers                                                                     

These are messy and cannot be written down as they are never-ending, non-repeating decimals

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