Maths - Types of Data

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Qualitative v. Quantitative

Qualitative Data - using words/names:

Q: "How do you get to work?"                                                                                                 A: "Car"

Quantitative Data - using numbers:

Q: "How long did it take you?"                                                                                              A: "20 (minutes)"

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2 Types of QUANTITATIVE Data

There are 2 types of quantitative data;

Discrete Data - Can be counted

Q: "How many cars have you got?"                                                      A: "3"

Continuous Data - Is measured

Q: "How tall is the car?"                                                                        A: "6m"

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Primary v. Secondary

Primary Data - Collected by you / someone on your behalf (eg. in a group with others collecting together) 

- Questionnaires - Data Logging - Measuring - Counting

Secondary Data - Collected by someone else

- Newspaper Articles - Internet

There are advantages & disadvantages

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Population - Group of people / objects you're interested in getting data from / about

e.g. If you're finding out how many pupils at school have a packed lunch, the population is the school's pupils

e.g. If you're finding out how many cars are red, the population is the cars

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Sampling Frame

Sampling Frame - How are you going to get all the population's data? A sampling frame is how you find out about all your population

e.g. To find out about puipils at school, sampling frame could be the school register

e.g. To find out about different car colours, sampling frame could be the number of cars sold at a local garage

Sampling frames are not always available

e.g. How many flowers are there in the world, N/A

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Census & Sample

Census - Data from the whole population

Sample - Data from part of the population

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