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Area & Perimeter


To find the area of a shape you need to multipy the width by the length of the shape.

Area of a triangle

To find the area of a triangle you need to multipy the base by height and divide by two.


To find the perimeter of a shape you need to add up the length of all the sides.

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The bottom number of a fraction is called the denominator.

The top number of the fraction is called the numerator.

If the numerator is bigger than the denominator it is an uncommon fraction.

If the denominator is bigger than the numerator it is a common fraction.

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Square numbers & Square roots

Square Numbers

To square a number you need to multiply it by itself.

Square Routes

A square root is when you find out what the number that was squared to get it.

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Mode, Median, Mean & Range

Mode: Most common number in a list.

Median: Middle number once put in order from smallest to largest.

Mean: Add up all the numbers and divide by how many numbers there are.

Range: The highest number minus the lowest number.

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A shape can have more than 2 lines of symmetry.

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