Maths- pie charts

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how do i read a pie chart?

Reading a pie chart is as easy as figuring out which slice of an actual pie is the biggest. Usually, you have several bits of data, and each is pictured on the pie chart as a pie slice. You will see that some data have larger slices than others. So you can easily decipher which data is more important to your audience than others. For the pet ownership pie chart, I can easily see that rodents make up the smallest number of pets. So, what this tells me is that for pet owners, when choosing pets, rodents are at the bottom of their list. That's not to say that rodents make the worst pets, but the data shows that pet owners prefer dogs first and foremost, followed by cats, then fish, then rabbits, then rodents.

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The uses of a pie chart

The main use of a pie chart is to show comparison. When items are presented on a pie chart, you can easily see which item is the most popular and which is the least popular. Various applications of pie charts can be found in business, school, and at home. For business, pie charts can be used to show the success or failure of certain products or services. They can also be used to show market reach of a business compared to similar businesses. At school, pie chart applications include showing how much time is allotted to each subject. It can also be used to show the number of girls to boys in various classes. At home, pie charts can be useful when figuring out your diet. You can also use pie charts to see how much money you spend in different areas.

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what is a pie chart?

What do you think of when you hear the word 'pie?' You more than likely think of the delicious dessert with a flaky crust and the filling of your choice. A 'pie' is certainly different than a 'pie chart,' although, oddly enough, both can be divided up into slices. A pie chart displays data, information, and statistics in an easy-to-read 'pie-slice' format with varying slice sizes telling you how much of one data element exists. The bigger the slice, the more of that paticular data was gathered.a type of graph in which a circle is divided into sectors that each represent a proportion of the whole.(

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