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What is the definition of Statistics?

Statistics is the collection, organisation, presentation and analysis of numerical data.

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What is Qualitative data?

Qualitative data is not numerical

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What is quantitative data?

Quantitative data is when the data is numerical.

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What is discrete data?

Discrete data is only certain values for example the amount of people with shoe size 9

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What is continous data?

Continuous data is a set of data that can fall within any value of a given range for example length, width etc

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What type of data do discrete and continous apply

Quantitative data

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What is random sampling?

Random sampling gives every member of the population (set of all possible items observed) an equal chance of being picked e.g. picking somnething out of a hat.

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What is stratified Sampling?

Stratified Sampling is where the population is split up into strata (sub groups)

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