Mathematics: fractions, decimals and percentages

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Steps to get from a fraction to a percentage.

1) if you have a fraction and want to make its to a decimal just divide the numerator by the denominator e.g. 7/20 is 7 divided by 20 = 0.35.
2) when you have a decimal and want to get it into a percentage times by 100 e.g. 0.35 times 100 = 35%

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Steps to get from a percentage to a fraction.

1) To get from a percentage to a decimal divide by 100 e.g. 57% = 0.57
2) if it's a recurring decimal just put the number after the decimal point as the numerator and the denominator as the number it needs to reach to make 1 in this case I
The answer is 57/100

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